We offer both full-time and part-time jobs.

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The positions we have available at the moment are:

1. Digital Marketing Associate

2. Graphic Designer

3. Content Writer

4. Intern

1. Digital Marketing Associate:

    Job Description:

  1.     – Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns
  2.     – Oversee a social media strategy
  3.     – Manage and maintain the organisation’s website(s)


  1.     – Write and optimise content for the website and social networking accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs
  2.     – Track and analyse website traffic flow and provide regular internal reports
  3.     – Attain key performance indicators such as reducing the website bounce rate, increasing dwell time or improving conversion
  4.     – Continually work on the Search Engine Optimization of the website(s)
  5.     – Fix any errors or bugs in online content
  6.     – Edit and post videos, podcasts and audio content to online sites
  7.     – Arrange webinars and webcasts
  8.     – Create online banner adverts and oversee pay per click (PPC) ad management
  9.     – Write copy for email marketing campaigns
  10.     – Identify new trends in digital marketing, evaluate new technologies and ensure the brand is at the forefront of industry developments,        particularly developments in mobile marketing
  11.     – Work on printed material to supplement online products
  12.     – Attend product launches and networking events

    Qualifications and Skills:

  1.     – Editing and writing skills: You need to devise and edit content for various digital platforms. Writing blog posts may well be an integral part of the job
  2.     – Speaking skills: These will mainly be deployed internally. You will need to be able to explain coherently to others, who may not be familiar with the medium, how digital technologies work and what their marketing application is
  3.     – Video and Image editing skills: Website and social media content will not just be text but frequently visual as well
  4.     – Web development skills: A digital marketing executive is not a software developer, but you will need sound knowledge of HTML/JavaScript, strong knowledge of search engine optimization and advanced Word and Powerpoint skills
  5.     – Project management skills: Digital marketing executives also need to be good at handling time-sensitive projects and working to deadlines

2. Graphic Designer:

    Job Description:

  1.     – To create engaging and on-brand graphics for a variety of media.
  2.     – To shape the visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, product packaging, exhibitions and more.
  3.     – To inspire and attract the target audience.


  1.     – Study design briefs and determine requirements
  2.     – Schedule projects and define budget constraints
  3.     – Conceptualize visuals based on requirements
  4.     – Prepare rough drafts and present ideas
  5.     – Develop illustrations, logos and other designs using software or by hand
  6.     – Use the appropriate colors and layouts for each graphic
  7.     – Use the appropriate colors and layouts for each graphic
  8.     – Test graphics across various media
  9.     – Amend designs after feedback
  10.     – Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand

    Qualifications and Skills:

  1.     – Proven graphic designing experience
  2.     – A strong portfolio of illustrations or other graphics
  3.     – Familiarity with open-source design software and technologies
  4.     – A keen eye for aesthetics and details
  5.     – Excellent communication skills
  6.     – Ability to work methodically and meet deadlines
  7.     – Degree in Design, Fine Arts or related field is a plus

3. Content Writer:

    Job Description:

  1.     – To create compelling blog posts, white papers, product descriptions, social media content and web copies.
  2.     – To expand our digital footprint and drive more value through online content.
  3.     – The ability to use data-driven insights to write better material.
  4.     – Be detail-oriented and committed to meeting tight deadlines.


  1.     – Create content marketing campaigns to increase traffic to the site.
  2.     – Regularly produce various content types including 5-10 social media posts a week, at least 2 blog articles a week and text copies.
  3.     – Analyze content marketing metrics and makes changes as needed.
  4.     – Collaborate with other departments to create innovative content ideas.

  5.     Qualifications and Skills:

  6.     – At least a Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism or related field
  7.     – Excellent writing skills, as well as the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively
  8.     – The ability to consistently meet deadlines
  9.     – Experience using WordPress or Medium.


We offer internships in the domains of Content Writing, Digital Marketing, and Graphic Design.

Note: We do NOT pay any stipend.

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