The importance of digital marketing has been growing every year. Some startups are spending over 80% of their marketing budget on digital marketing. Clearly, this is an area that you should know more about and invest in, whether you are a startup or an established business. While you could enlist the services of a digital marketing company or agency, it would be a good idea to learn the basics if you have some time on your hands. We suggest the following courses to help you get started. If you are an individual trying to make a career in digital marketing, these courses would be a good place for you to start too.

Google Digital Garage is the first course you should consider. All our team members including interns at Purple Digital are required to complete this course. Every person who completed this course gives the highest rating for this course. Is it any wonder that this is our first pick for you?

Content writing and content marketing are vital to the success of any digital marketing effort. For learning more, you should take “How To Create Great Online Content‘ through FutureLearn in collaboration with the renowned University of Leeds Institute of Coding. It is easy to follow and quick to complete and well worth pursuing.

If you are so inclined, you can even complete the Digital Marketing Specialization offered by the prestigious University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Don’t worry, the course is online as it is offered through Coursera. You can audit the course in case you want to go through it without getting a certificate. The 6 courses in this specialization will equip you with the latest digital marketing skills taught by industry experts.

You will need to incorporate your learnings into a plan and come up with a strategy. edX has just the right course for you – a free Digital Marketing Strategy () course offered by the University of Edinburgh. You will be equipped with practical digital marketing skills to assist you in growing your business.

In case you are keen on learning more, you could consider Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing (2019) offered by LinkedIn Learning. On completing this course, you should be able to learn about the best tools for your company’s digital marketing efforts.

There you have it. Enough material to get you started on your digital marketing learning journey. All you have to do is start. So, take the first step. Start now. Be sure to let us know how you have used these courses to build your business.